It all started with a WhatsApp group in the emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Growing to another and another. Then it evolved into the first mobile app "SAFFAs in the UAE".

It quickly gained popularity and requests to extend the scope streamed in from Canada, the UK & the US.



For the last few years it was observed that a SAFFA is a meticulous individual which is set in its way. The inherent need to socialize with individuals of which you have something in common can not be ignored.

The SAFFA™ App team identified the following pillars of any SAFFA™ community;

  1. Social,
  2. Commercial,
  3. Personal and
  4. Entertainment

Primary Features

1. Social

1.1 Socializing: In the The SAFFA App™ version 1 the socializing feature was sustained by way of WhatsApp & Facebook groups. The administration and red-tape made it a tedious excercise, with restricted benefits to the SAFFA community in general. This is where the social media feeds & groups feature is of benefit.

1.2 Localization: The SAFFA™ App is build on a global grid which consists of over a 100 established SAFFA™ communities. The content of your SAFFA™ App is dictated in default based on your location.

1.3. Communities & Neighbourhoods: The SAFFA™ App now have the capability for members to join established communities and to form neighbourhood and objective groups themselves.

The SAFFA™ App version 2 have adopted the social media structure and fundamentals, yet allowing the community members to benefit from their participation.


2. Commercial:  

2.1 Pages: The SAFFA™ App version 2 enable any size of business to promote their products, services, offers and events to their community. 

It allow for direct interactions with your target market and afford businesses with an opportunity to advertise, without being a burden with cheap WhatsApp posts (being pushed down the throught of group members).

2.2 Premium Business Page subscribers have the additional benefit of page html widgets at a cost of $10 per month.

2.3 Due Diligence: Each user and page can elect to be verified for free and get their "Blue Tick symbol of verification". This protect SAFFA™ community members as well from fruadulent transactions.

2.4 Transfering & Transactions: The SAFFA™ App version 2 now have a secure "Wallet" system which makes it possible to effortlessly purchase products from businesses & items via the marketplace. Businesses can use this to pay for advertisements as well in a specific community. Members can also send each other money regardless of where they are situated.

2.4 Affiliation & Marketing feature: The SAFFA™ App version 2 is roling out this feature post-launch in Q4 of 2023.


3. Personal

3.1 Preferences is a priority and funneled is based on your preferences. Even the music you listen to can be based on your preference. You decide with whom and what group you would like to associate with.

3.2 Language is no longer a barrier for interacting with each other, as The SAFFA™ App Version 2 is fully inclusive and able to provide the content in English, Afrikaans, isuZulu, Xhoza & seSotho.


4. Entertainment

4.1 Radio: SAFFA™ On-Air Radio is a licensed online radio station which play 24 hours seven days a week. Some of the highlights are;

4.1.1 Amazon Alexa Skills store, which enable additional devices to play the radio station,

4.1.2 "Kies Jou Tune" enabling listeners to select the next song automatically. This feature is available during the "Kies Jou Tune schedule'.

4.1.3 Live Akrikaans Rugby Commentary, in co-operation with Radio Rugby. Selected games are broadcasted such as all the SA Rugby worldcuop 2023 games, Currie Cup, etc.

4.1.4 Live Shows - Dank Vader, Dis Vrydag! Thank Goodness, It's Friday! with DJ Kevin D on Fridays 10h00AM (SA time); With Love from Dubai with DJ Sean, providing "Lekker" party music, on Friday evenings from 18h00PM (SA time) SAFFA™ News Desk keep you informed every 3 hours with global news in about 10min and news highlights on the hour, every hour. Radio Rugby Weeklikse Joernaal, provided by Radio Rugby where they discuss rugby news from school to international level. Advertisement is included for Premuim Business Page subscribers, excludes advertisement production (R1500).


4.2 SAFFA™ Tv:

4.2.1 The first 24hour/7days a week South African expatriate TV channel, with informative SAFFA™ related content.

4.2.2 Premium Business Page subscribers get access to TV advertisements per month. It excludes advertisement production.